To the Park

So, I know, i'm pretty much the worst blogger ever; If I could even call myself that. I'd love to say I'm back at it and will be posting regularly, but who am I kidding? So I'm not making any promises! But here's a random post of us at taking the dogs to the state forest this morning.
My sister Tina and I have been wanting to take two of our four dogs to get some exercise in at a park. These two specifically because well, I'll be honest, they gain a few extra lbs. recently. Today was a super nice day out so we took them this morning. This is one of our labradors, Ellie, who had a liter of pup's last fall. And one of our dachshunds, Piper, who doesn't really have an excuse to be over weight; she just likes to steal the other pups food. But they both did so good going for a walk! Piper (dachshund) barked at anything living that past us and even tried to take on a horse, but Ellie (lab) was so chill about everything, probably because she was to wore out to move fast enough, but still, she was so grown up about going on a walk.
^^Oh and this is the guy on his horse, he basically called Ellie fat. Even though she is, you're not suppose to actually say anything! 
And this was Ellie on the way home

-xo Hannah