To the Park

So, I know, i'm pretty much the worst blogger ever; If I could even call myself that. I'd love to say I'm back at it and will be posting regularly, but who am I kidding? So I'm not making any promises! But here's a random post of us at taking the dogs to the state forest this morning.
My sister Tina and I have been wanting to take two of our four dogs to get some exercise in at a park. These two specifically because well, I'll be honest, they gain a few extra lbs. recently. Today was a super nice day out so we took them this morning. This is one of our labradors, Ellie, who had a liter of pup's last fall. And one of our dachshunds, Piper, who doesn't really have an excuse to be over weight; she just likes to steal the other pups food. But they both did so good going for a walk! Piper (dachshund) barked at anything living that past us and even tried to take on a horse, but Ellie (lab) was so chill about everything, probably because she was to wore out to move fast enough, but still, she was so grown up about going on a walk.
^^Oh and this is the guy on his horse, he basically called Ellie fat. Even though she is, you're not suppose to actually say anything! 
And this was Ellie on the way home

-xo Hannah



I live on a farm, and we just got new baby chicks!! aren't they just the cutest things ever!? we ordered them a few weeks ago and we get them when they're about 1 day old! right after they hatch they go in that box of holes and they mail them to us... like in the mail! we went to pick them up at the post office and i'll admit, i was a little excited to pick them up; plus i just thought the whole process was pretty funny. i mean its not everyday you get to go to the post office and say, "i'm here to pick up some chicks!" and the looks i got as we were walking out! people were looking at me like 'did she really just pick up some live baby chickens??' it was pretty hilarious! 

so once i was settled and ready to get started unpacking them, i sat in the brooder (thats their little cage thingy while they're still babies) with the box and i get to meet ever single chick! and yes, they are as dainty as you'd think they would be! i pick up one at a time and dip their little beak into the waterer so they'll know what and where it is; then they just roam around the brooder freely! and you know i have to pet and play with them and take pictures somewhere throughout that process; so it does take me a little longer to get them unpacked than it does when my dad does it! but the funniest thing about them, is that, when they decide to run somewhere, they run in these little spurts of super speed! they can be really fast too! but when they get where they're going, they stop really fast and look around almost like if they were looking for if anybody saw them! they are so stinkin cute!!!

and don't worry, the one in the picture above is NOT dead. it creeps me out when they sleep like that but at the same time its pretty cute too!



#sundaysbest: stripes + patterns

on tina: sunnies target, shirt H&M, belt madewell, skirt XXI, sandals vintage
^that would be our mobile chicken coop in the background :)
on hannah: hat/sunnies urban, shirt /dress H&M, flats urban
iPhone cases: tina's penguin is from francesscas, hannah has recover in walnut 

hope your enjoying memorial weekend!

xo hannah


new lens!

 and i am now in love!

xo hannah



vest: XXI, tee: target,  skirt: XXI,  boots: vintage

 xo- hannah