denim + lace // #sundaysbest

this is my sister, tina. no, we're not twins. yes, we're pretty sure about that. and no, she's older. :) good, that's out of the way! 
a sum-up for each of us - she's always busy with school/work/dance. i have store/farm/dance. (more about that store later) so we're getting ready for church this morning, and we come out wearing basically the exact same thing. and neither of us was going to change. soo... i guess we made it a thing. but since i'm in head to toe vintage, i think i won! :)

                                       lol! to this face ^
shirt: thrifted
skirt: vintage
belt: vintage
boots: vintage

chambray: ebay
dress: forever21
belt: macys
shoes: jcp
see ya!