a dress a day

a dress a day for 30 days. thats the goal! sort of like a 365 challenge, but scaled way down; i think this is a super fun way to start the year off and im really excited about it! the only two rules i've set for myself are, 1. wear a dress everyday for a month; and 2 take pictures of it! simple enough, right?! 
so here's day one!
it's 2013!! happy new years! 
every new years day the whole fam goes to grandma kathy's house for a magnificent ham feast with all the trimmings! it was delish! even though almost everybody has come down with some kind of sickness this year, we had a super fun time grubbing out and hanging around.
looking forward to the new year and what it'll bring!
sunnies: urban
 scarf: target
 jacket: target 
dress: urban 
tights: sears 
shoes: forever21

happy new years!

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