a dress a day: day 31

and..... day 31! yay! i did realize yesterday that i've been saying "a dress a day for 30 days" and yesterday was day 30, but i still wanted to finish day 31. the whole month i was saving this dress for last cause i haven't worn it before and it was such a great find, shoulder pads and all! its actually a size 10; sooo, yeah i know its a little big, but i like the look. 

this whole month was really fun! and i acutally only missed 2 days and didn't photograph one other, i thought for sure i would eventually get lazy and give up; but thats why it was a challenge. the pros of this month: i've found different, fun ways of styling my dresses. i've learned tons of stuff about photoshop elements! and lots of tricks for taking my pictures (i'm pretty much a pro with the self-timer) but i'm still learning; and lastly getting up and getting dressed for each day made my days very productive! the cons: having to get up and get dressed everyday! (i'll admit, i get pretty lazy-pretty fast). con #2, shaving. ugh. 
so now its over and i have never appreciated jeans so much more! oh they are wonderful! and like i said a few days ago, i realized i should probably invest in some new/different jewelry and shoes. pretty sure each day i only chose between 3 necklaces, 4 rings, maybe 3 pairs of earrings, a few fancy bobby pins, and about 5 different pairs of shoes; mainly my flat lace up boots. yes, yes i know i wore them about 85% of the month. :) 

so this was a really fun way to start off my new blog and shop. something pretty amazing happen a few weeks ago, so give me a month or two and something pretty sweet will be coming up. i plan to take a few days, and get some crafties going. i have a few sewing and other projects in the works. so stay tuned, and thanks for keeping up this month!!  
dress: thrifted
boots: seychelles
be back in a few days

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  1. Wow super cute dress... you totally pull it off! x
    p.s. good luck with the shop!