a dress a day: day 25

i was a little under the weather for a few days; so one-two-skip a few, and it's day 25! only 6 more! i didn't think it would get this tough; having to choose which dress for which day, styling it, etc. i have come to realize that for me "styling " something, just consist of.... a. putting on one of my two necklaces + the same three rings b. wearing the same boots basically everyday and c. throwing a chambray and/or a chunky sweater on! with only 6 days left im gonna try to change things up a tad!
and yes, i did do a little fishtail just to make myself feel a little more native/aztec/cooler 
chambray: ebay
dress: el mercado (the market square-san antonio, tx)
boots: forever21

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