a dress a day: day 10

so, day 10,  yesterday... i did wear a dress! just didn't have a chance to get any pictures of it.. but i promise i did wear a dress! so, yes, i guess i did break one of my own rules, BUT, i still wore a dress! and the dress i wore has kind of a little story to go with it! soooo...

 a few months ago my mom and i went thrifting and came across a garage sale; we met some very nice ladies with tons of goodies! one of the ladies offered to sell me an old sewing machine for $8.00!! (but i'll come back to that), i found some lace curtains, dresses and skirts galore, sewing accessories, gloves and jewelry, and some other treasures; anyways, after i did my shopping around and both ladies sold me on an extra item or two... we left and continued on with are thrifting. but i still could not get over the fact that i skipped out on a vintage sewing machine for 8 bucks! (p.s. this was on a friday) that night, i washed and inspected all my goodies, and went thrifting again the next day. but that saturday morning i put on one of the dresses that i got from this particular sale (the dress i wore day 10). so we hit a few places and eventually we end up right around the corner from this one garage sale that was going on all weekend; and i couldn't help myself! i was still thinking about that 8 dollar vintage sewing machine! i mean, only 8 bucks! so we went back to try our luck and... it was sold... i let out an "aw-man!" and went shopping around again, just incase i missed something of course.  so as we're starting round two at this sale, one of the ladies son's walks out, and notices the dress i was wearing, the one from this sale. turns out he bought this dress for his wife a long time ago while they were dating and they continued to explain that she had passed away a few years back. i felt kinda bad for wearing his wife's dress, i didn't intend to go back to this sale or else i wouldn't of worn one of the dresses; but they seem almost happy that i loved the dress so much. and i do, this is one of my most favorited thrifts i've found by far!

 so there's the story about 'the dress of day 10'. one day i will for sure show pictures of it because its super cute and vintage-y.


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